Najin and Fatu, mother and daughter…
Mama protects her little baby. Because she is proud of her little 2 year old Fatu.
Papa was very old and deceased in 2018 by natural age -related causes. Now they are struggling through life…
This young rhino’s future is looking much brighter now. He’s just had his horns harmlessly removed by a conservation management team. The purple antiseptic spray is administered by the vet immediately after the procedure to make s ure there will be no infection.
De-horning is a short-term poaching deterrent used in many African countries since the 1980s. However, de-horning only works if it is combined with effective security. Consistent data shows that rhinos that have been de horned have a greater chance of survival than animals with horns.
The little calf from Rhino Revolution is a female – which is one of the best news ever.
The calf has been named Lesedi which means light.
From Rhino Revolution’s tiny, rescued Miracle (Masingitta in Tsonga) comes Light (Lesedi). Here’s hoping this light keeps shining.
We believe it is the first baby born from a mating between an orphan and a wild rhino.