Cyber Rhino Sqard


Our Cyber Rhino Squad Collection features 6’000 unique digital collectibles designed as valuable NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

All of our Cyber Rhinos are unique. The Rhinos have their individual set of characteristics which make them so valuable and rare.

Rhinos exist for over 50 million years on our earth. Today, only about 27’000 rhinos have survived and they are still getting hunted. Don’t miss your chance to save one of our 6’000 Cyber Rhinos and contribute by supporting the rhinos.

The Specs

Each of the Cyber Rhinos is unique, equipped with over a hundred different traits such as facial expressions, hats, clothes, jewelry and many more. Even though each Rhino is amazing in its own way, there are a few very rare individuals among them.

The Rhinos are managed on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

The Prices of the Cyber Rhino Squad will be announced on our discord channel.

Welcome to the Oasis

When you purchase a Cyber Rhino NFT, you are not only getting an avatar or a piece of art. You are getting access to an international network of animal advocates, business members, professionals in various career fields with the mutual goal of creating a sustainable impact on a global level in rhino preservation. Your Cyber Rhino can act as your key to endless opportunities in the digital world, and shape a whole new identity.

Benefits and Utilities
– 6,000 Unique and Artistic Cyber Rhino NFTs
– Full Ownership and Commercial Usage rights given to the holder of their respective NFTs
– Fair Launch, Fair Distribution: All Rhino’s have a fair price
– Additional Benefits Available Through the Roadmap and Future Projects!


Checkout our some of the Cyber Rhinos



The Safari Tour started. Welcome to the Cyber Rhino Squad!

The brave guides and their adventuring tourists begin to gather for the expedition of a lifetime! Base Camp is Established, Welcome to the Cyber Rhino Squad!


Exclusive Cyber Rhino Squad Africa Edition

Base Camp is beginning to attract attention! All those that get involved early with us setting up our base camp will be rewarded. Come for the great company, stay for the giveaways, be recognized for your efforts, and help us prep the gear for the journey!


The Community Wallet is opened

It’s time to start packing our bags and getting our supplies together to head out on our safari! We will establish our Community Wallet to be used for longevity of the project, future giveaways, and for holder voting on future funds allocations. This wallet will receive a portion of all royalties generated on Secondary Market.


Caring is everything…

We begin doing our part in helping the endangered species preservation efforts and partnerships. Over $100,000 will be donated to Rhino Foundations, and Animal Preservation efforts across the globe as voted on by the community. We will partner with global leaders in preservation efforts to do our part as a community in combating the extinction of rhino species.


Free rhino hornet NFTs for all Cyber Rhino Squad owners

As the trucks were being packed and prepared for our expedition, we stumbled across some odd Rhino Hornets that were looking like they wanted to come join…Every Cyber Rhino Squad holder will receive one NFT featuring their own unique, randomly generated Rhino Hornet to accompany them on the expedition.


The Metaverse Oasis

With our bags packed, our itinerary mapped, and our trucks gassed, we go out adventuring into the Safari! We hope to stumble upon some unclaimed land…perhaps an Oasis in this giant Sandbox? Or a Decentraland domicile? The world is our safari to explore!

phase 2


With our explorations into the safari being an absolute success, why not share in the glory with others? We begin to set up a new base camp, host virtual metaverse safaris to excited tourists and adrenaline driven adventurers to show others the joys of wildlife! All NFT holders get early and exclusive access and then revel in the spoils of their work!

No cool Cyber Rhino is complete without some merchandise and swag to sell at the base camp. Supplies aren’t cheap after all. Guess you’ll have to see what type of goodies our gift shop has in store for you.

It’s been hot days and cold nights on these Safari plains. Perhaps we go to another area and search for more endangered species to explore and help?
What’s that noise I hear in the distance..?!









Head of Communication


Head of IT


Discord Expert




Each Cyber Rhino is an unique piece of artwork created for the Ethereum Blockchain utilizing an advanced generation algorithm. We randomly distributed traits and rarity levels ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Exceptionally Rare amongst 6,000 NFTs. Cyber Rhino NFTs are dispersed randomly at time of mint with no favoritism or pre-allocation efforts. Anyone who mints one of these Cyber Rhino's has an equal chance at obtaining an Exceptionally Rare Cyber Rhino NFT.

The Number 6,000 is significant because of their size. Rhinos (more specifically the White Rhino) is the second-largest land mammal after the elephant. They can grow up to 6,000 pounds in size and boast a front horn that grows up to five feet long. The 6,000 number signifies the strongest and largest of the rhino's.

The official launch date has not yet been released. It is currently planned for March 2022 timeline. More information will be shared via the Discord, Website, and Social Media.

There will not be a Pre-Sale for our Community Members. Statistically, Pre-Sales have shown to be (in more cases than not) detrimental to floor prices on secondary markets as well as minting processes for community members. Instead, we will have every member gain access during Public Minting, with varying accessibilities based off Status (Member v. Whitelisted v. VIP). This practice is in efforts to preserve the integrity of the Floor Price on Secondary for our community NFT holders, as well as giving everybody an equal chance at at least 1 NFT being minted.

Price will be announced at a later stage on our Discord.