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Cyber Rhino Squad is building the first ever Virtual Safari in NFTWorlds.
our unique wildlife Game and enjoy your time in the Virtual Safari. Build your own rescue station and protect the animals from poachers. Complete the quests and get stronger so you can make your Rescue Station as unique as you want.
$WRLD tokens while having fun. SWRLD tokens can be traded for in-game benefits and for other cryptos. The easiest way to earn SWRLD is by completing daily quests or playing our minigames. We are also hosting a weekly event where players can play in a team and earn big prizes.
the Rhinos. 10% of the whole revenue generated will be directly spent to save the Rhinos globally. We are working with three trustworthy NGOs, whose goal is to support the rhinos. The NGO’s are located in South Africa and Kenya. Together with these NGOs, we plan to double to White Rhino species by the end of 2030.
We are planning something big ! We have planned a Pre-Launch and an Official-Launch of our Virtual Safari.
For our Launch we are planning a Tycoon/Skyblock gameplay, where you are able to build on your own island. You will start on a small island and be able to build a dream world either with friends or on your own.. You can trade with other players or in the in-game store, most importantly the ability to unlock new spawners with amazing animals by leveling up. When doing this you will earn SWRLD – the in game currency Emeralds. You can then even faster improve your levels and island.

In addition to all that you will also be able to play multiple mini games and big events with and against others for even more earnings!

So who will build the best island or have the most animals? Who would like to earn real money while playing this new Skyblock style ?
The following topics will be playable at the official launch:
For our NFT holders, the Virtual Safari has many Benefits.
Earn more $WRLD tokens and in game currency NFT Holders will earn twice more $WRLD tokens than players without our NFT. This means that you have more $WRLD tokens to spend in our shops to buy the in-game currency Emeralds as well as using it for other Cryptos like Ethereum.
Also the NFT Holders will earn three times more Emeralds than players without our NFT.
We are planning to continuously extend the Virtual Safari. We have already planned 2 new phases.